Yohan Lowie

Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist

By Lisa Mayo-DeRiso

The journey to Las Vegas was a 7,360-mile trek, transporting a young man with little more than a dream from Israel to what became one of the most vibrant, fastest growing cities in the United States. Having developed over 3 million square feet of residential and commercial properties and invested over 1 billion dollars in and around the neighborhood of Queensridge alone, marks Lowie as one of the most creative and forward-thinking developers in Las Vegas. He has a passion for design details, and any element that helps him define space as extraordinary. He is the force behind some of Las Vegas’ most iconic and luxurious developments, including One Queensridge Place, Tivoli Village, and the Nevada Supreme and Appellate Court Building. With 25 years of real estate development, he has helped shape the Las Vegas skyline. In addition to his business ventures, Lowie provides support and leadership to both local and national charities and non-profit organizations.

You are known as a visionary with an emphasis on design, use of materials, and superb quality. How did you develop this skill?

The vision and skill come from G-d, and I have honed those talents over my entire career. I am dedicated to the highest standards of design and construction. The level of quality and craftsmanship is visible in the products we have developed. We use the finest in materials and pay close attention to classic design. I want my customers to be transported in time or place when they enter our buildings and homes. They want to escape for a moment to a compelling and comfortable time, and we hope to make that happen.

What have you learned being a developer in Las Vegas?

I learn something every day. Learning is growing, and growing is creating. My development activities are a contribution to Las Vegas and the community in which I live. Also, I have a great team of professionals who are critical to the idea, design, and implementation of my vision. But, honestly, I don’t view my projects as a measure of success, but rather an exercise in sheer tenacity mixed with passion and fairness. You can’t downplay the amount of hard work it takes to create a beautiful, completed project.

How do you describe the lifestyle created by your projects in the City of Las Vegas?

From the very beginning, my primary focus has always been on the neighborhood of Queensridge and the surrounding areas. Creating a lifestyle that includes both single family and multi-family housing, first-class entertainment, dining and shopping options, all in a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment are my goals. We still own over 250 acres in the area, and we are committed to its growth and value for future generations to work, play, and raise families.

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement is the ability to realize and execute my dreams. It’s a tremendous blessing.

Your philanthropy, especially in the Israeli community, is well known, why is this important to you?

I don’t view philanthropy as a choice; I see it as an obligation. Giving back can be done in many ways; financial support, leadership, and even wisdom. I like to think I give back in all three. By being an example to young students contemplating their path in life, to providing funding for community outreach or specific charities, all these efforts come together for me as a way to give back. As an individual and as a company, we will always be here for our community and those in need.

Speaking of those in need, how did you and your company respond to the #VegasStrong efforts?

We did whatever we could. In our case, we partnered with Leone Café to deliver food to hospitals for staff, Metro, and the families of those injured. We also worked with the IAC to provide water and Thank You baskets, filled with a wide range of donated gifts all made in Israel, to first responders. Moving forward, we are committed to increasing our efforts to ensure that this tragedy is never forgotten and to inspire the Las Vegas community to remain strong and committed to aiding our neighbors.

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