Why Advertise

Staffed with 75 years of publishing experience, over 235 high-traffic distribution points and a substantial and growing mailing list, DAVID will exceed its circulation demands and put your ads in the hands of a demographic that traditionally supports the arts, entertainment, and dining, shopping, and philanthropy at a much higher percentage than its population size would suggest.

DAVID will go a step further than reaching the Jewish community. Our model is a revolutionary cross-over publication with a subtle editorial approach. Not only will your ads be seen by the estimated 90,000 Jewish people in Las Vegas but by the greater community as well.

Throughout its pages, it will capture these readers with exciting content, such as:

Pulse: Explore the city’s most dynamic community events, along with highlights on dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Live: Spotlighting all that makes living in Las Vegas the lifestyle that the rest of the world envy, in exciting sections, some listed below:

Know: Vegas’ movers and shakers and other interesting people you really ought to know.

Sense: Is all about the buzz on the local arts scene.

Taste: An inside view of some of the city’s top restaurants, cafes, diners, and eateries.

Think: Essays and in-depth articles on topics that will have people talking all month long.

DAVID Attracts passionate writers and photographers with relevant fresh perspectives that inspire creative living.