Vegan Giving is Uber Cool

The Variety of “Guilt-Free” Holiday Gifts Now Available Online and in the Stores is Most Impressive


By Diana Edelman

Cruelty-free vegan products are on track to be huge in 2018. Thanks to high-end fashion houses like Gucci swearing off fur and the rise of cosmetic products not being tested on animals or using animal byproducts, you can really feel good about your holiday purchases!

If you’re shopping for someone who embraces a cruelty-free and vegan life — meaning they don’t purchase or consume anything that is manufactured or developed using animals (including testing) — we’ve put together a guide to help showcase some of the top gifts this holiday season. And if the “someone” you’re shopping for is you and you need to drop some major hints on what you’d like wrapped up, you’re covered, too.

New to the cruelty-free vegan world? It’s not as intimidating as you may think! And we’re going to make it even easier. Cosmetics, skincare and haircare products shouldn’t have ingredients like honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, cholesterol, or gelatin in them, nor should they be tested on animals. Clothing shouldn’t include leather, suede, or silk. Food should be free from any animal by-products like milk, eggs, gelatin, and butter.

From vegan shoes to luxurious bath products … here are some of our favorite gifts to give this holiday season!

Kim Convertible Backpack by Pixie Mood

It’s not always easy to find quality bags that aren’t made with leather. Fortunately, there is the Kim Convertible Backpack by Pixie Mood, which proves quality, looks, and cruelty-free construction go together beautifully. Available in four hip colors, this vegan carryall has an adjustable strap so it can easily go from backpack to crossbody bag with no fuss. $87

The Travertine Spa Collection

Turn your shower into a spa-ahhh. Add a little luxury this holiday season with some eucalyptus shower spray from the Travertine Spa Collection. Made of 100 percent pure eucalyptus oil, breathe deep and treat yourself to the healing properties of the plant, which helps fight colds and congestion. The smaller 4 oz. size makes it the perfect gift for travelers, too. $26


Keep those feet stylish without causing harm to animals! With two brick-and-mortar stores (sorry, only in LA and New York for now) and a terrific online shop, MooShoes has created a brand focused entirely on being cruelty-free, from kicks to bags to wallets and more. For the women, these boots are perfect for the winter. Wear them and know your fashion is compassion. $179.95

Recover Brand

Recover Brand makes recycling even cooler with eco-friendly, 100 percent recycled t-shirts and hoodies made from plastic bottles. They are also gifts that give back — every Horizon Hoody order nets one percent of the revenue donated to 1% for the Planet. $49

The Better Skin Co.

Give someone the gift of gorgeous, glowing skin. This colorful gift set — The Multitasker — by The Better Skin Co. comes with three skin essentials — the brand’s signature Mirakle Cream to help soften, balance and brighten the skin, Zit No More for stopping blemishes “in their tracks” and the three-in-one Lava Magik, a cleanser/scrub/mask. $75

Primus Light by VIVOBAREFOOT

Another line of vegan shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT, has created Primus Light active shoes. These shoes are incredibly light and strive to recreate the barefoot experience, unlike other shoes, which counteract the foot’s natural movement. Shaped just like your feet, the shoes don’t have heel or arch support. With a barely-there sole, Primus Light provides maximum sensory feedback. Starting at $160

Urban Leaf

Want to grow a garden but don’t have a lot of space? The team over at Urban Leaf have created a foolproof way to grow herbs (without needing any gardening skills) in your own teeny tiny garden — The World’s Smallest Garden, the eco-friendly, beginner hydroponic unit. It’s a simple concept: upcycle one of your glass bottles (wine bottles are perfect!) and then insert the unit into your bottle and sit back and watch the herbs grow. Kit with seeds: $22; Kit without seeds: $20

The Matzo Project

Matzo ball soup can be made vegan, thanks to the kitschy Matzo Project. The Whole Megillah Matzo Box is perfect for any matzo-lover in your life and comes packed with an assortment of flavors and styles, including a box of Salted and a box of Everything Matzo Flats, large and small boxes of matzo chips in Salted, Everything and Cinnamon Sugar flavors, plus a Matzo Ball Soup Kit and Matzo Ball Mix. You can’t get more matzo than that and it’s quite possibly the tastiest, least boring matzo you will ever eat. $50

Bite Toothpaste Bits

Good for you and good for the environment, the debut product from The Kind Lab, Bite Toothpaste Bits, comes in the form of “bits” to clean your teeth and gums. Grab a Bit and bite down, wet your toothbrush and brush your teeth like normal while the Bit foams up and works its magic. Bite Toothpaste Bits are handmade using plant-derivatives and organic ingredients infused with essential oils, packaged in sustainable packaging and available in three flavors. $12

Personalized Candles by The Stationery Studio

Give a more personalized gift with a hand-poured candle from The Stationery Studio. Encased in gem-colored glass, these candles feature 100 percent natural and biodegradable soy wax that is phthalate-free and dye-free, with an unbleached, all-cotton, lead-free wick. Unscented, these give off barely any smoke or soot, burn for more than 50 hours, and can be etched with names and emblems. $36

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