Publisher's Note May 2018

Max & Joanne Friedland at the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art in Cape Town, South Africa.

DAVID is celebrating another year of publishing excellence. This year will be the eighth, and as in past years, May’s focus is on all things female-related. Almost on queue, as I write this, the “Breaking News” banner on the flat screen begins to scroll. 80-year-old former TV icon Bill Cosby has been convicted on all counts of aggravated indecent assault. This publication will be in the racks at the time of his sentencing; he faces up to 10 years per count, which for a man of his age is a life sentence. There won’t be much jubilation or fist pumping on the steps of the courthouse in Norristown, Pa. when he finds out his fate. No court victory can erase the stain of his crimes, and with his appeal, the pain for the victims will endure.

A seed change has occurred since we published our last anniversary issue. The old boy’s club’s pervasive nod and a wink are no longer acceptable; the loud collective voice of the “me too” movement is finding a well-deserved and receptive audience. There are many more cases to be brought, and the mighty will continue to fall.

Las Vegas has become an incubator for reality TV shows, and we have covered a few. For many years, before starting DAVID Magazine, my wife Joanne worked at the Jewish Federation of Las Vegas, located near the old location of Freed’s Bakery. More often than not during that time, we said Kiddush (Sabbath blessings) over a Freed’s Challah and enjoyed some of their baked items. In Aleza Freeman’s Piece of Cake, pages 28-31, we visit with the Frieds and meet the matriarch responsible for all the sweetness. Their show, Vegas Cakes has been renewed for its second season.

By now our readers must be acquainted with Jim Jimmerson esq., whose ad graces our back cover. This month we focus on Carol Jimmerson, his wife, and CEO of one of the largest transportation companies in the Valley. Lynn Wexler had the pleasure of spending some time with this remarkable woman and discovered how a woman navigates what has historically been a very male-dominated industry. In the piece bearing her name, pages 32-33, we also read of the challenges traditional transportation companies face from the likes of Lyft and Uber.

Lynn does double duty this month as she explores the role of women in Orthodox Jewish marriages. In Who Wears the Pants, pages 34-35, she draws back the curtains on the inner workings of those unions.

Jason Harris, our intrepid food writer, is a believer and pitched me the story of Chef Justin Kingsley Hall and his new gig at The Kitchen at Atomic. In Kitchen Fission, pages 36-40, he introduces us to the latest culinary star in the Vegas gastronomic firmament.

Being stalked by an old flame that flamed out has never been pleasant. Today, however, it can be downright devastating. In Breaking Up is Hard, pages 42-45, Rob Kachelreiss interview cyberstalking victims and the lengths some of them have gone to address the matter. The piece was inspired by Kameron Miller who turned adversity into opportunity and created the Kam Shield, a device designed to block voyeurs from hacking into our built-in laptop and pad cams.

Many in Las Vegas already know Charlene and Rozanne Sher through their onstage collaborations. This mother and daughter duo inspired us to take a look at this phenomenon. Acclaimed film critic Josh Bell explores the subject for us. In his piece Star Genes, pages 46-51, he discovers just how prevalent the inherited star gene is.

Mari Andrew is currently the “it girl” of the graphic novel universe. Her first work titled Am I There Yet: The Loop-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood has occupied a place near the top of The New York Times bestseller list since its publication. In Drawn from Life, pages 52-56, Jaq Greenspon writes about Andrew and explores the lineage of female graphic novel writers.

Finally, we are happy to present Ruby Lewis as our “Grill” of the month. She is a multi-talented stage and screen performer and can be seen (and heard) at the Paris Hotel and Casino in the Vegas production of Marilyn! The New Musical. We are happy to have Ruby grace our cover this month.

As always (and especially on this eighth birthday) we thank you for your loyal readership, it means the world to us. See you in the racks.

Max D. Friedland

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