March 2020

Publisher's Note March 2020

Max & Joanne Friedland

When we first launched DAVID in 2010, our mission statement included language about catalyzing engagement in the richness of life here in the magnificent Southwest. We hope that our efforts in this regard have been successful. This month we add a new important dimension to this endeavor; we embrace the great outdoors. We want you all to haul your gear out of dusty storage and go and explore our state and its surroundings. As a guide, we have come up with the chart you find below. It grades the degree of difficulty of each outing. Our inaugural piece comes courtesy of Liad, whose magnificent photographs inspired this all. Jaq Greenspon interviews her in Havasu Falls; she shares with us the degree to which her family prepared for this adventure. My bucket list just got a lot more exciting, and a pair of hiking boots will soon be acquired.

I found laying out Anna Romanenko’s piece My Day in Odessa, quite challenging. The artwork available did not do justice to the article. An extensive search produced the image you find on My Day in Odessa. That’s the precise moment my mother chose to call from South Africa.

After the usual pleasantries, she asked what I was doing. I told her I was studying a photograph of the National Theatre of Ballet and Opera in Odessa. Her immediate response was unexpected. She informed me that the building that I was staring at had special significance to her grandmother Sima (my great-grandmother). Her family came from Uman, which is about three and a half hours by train from Odessa. Some of Sima’s fondest memories of her childhood were when her grandmother (so many grandmothers) took her to Odessa to attend performances at the venue. After completing my Skype session, I turned and looked at the image with a new set of eyes, imagining my forbearers arriving in all their finery, entering the ornate arched entryway through the grand public concourses to their seats. Who knew, the sounds of my ancestors’ applause once filled that edifice, what a small world!

In this time of threat from contagion, I implore you all to be safe. Wash your hands regularly and use a quality antibacterial hand sanitizer when out. As always, I’ll surely see you this month in the racks.

Max D. Friedland

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