August 2019

Publisher's Note July/August 2019

Max & Joanne Friedland

The subject of our cover story is especially close to my heart. My father, who reached the enviable age of ninety-six, was always physically robust. When asked for his secret formula he would reply, “It’s all thanks to Doctors Justerini and Brooks” (of J&B whiskey fame). In his last months his health rapidly declined. Never short of a quip he would explain that this was due to his idiot doctor’s restriction of his six-o’-clock scotch, a custom that was a hangover (no pun intended) from his days as a senior partner in a Cape Town law firm.

In their story, Panacea on the Rocks, pages 46-51, Marisa Finetti and Kirk Peterson investigate my dad’s claims, focusing on the historical roots of medicinal booze. It turns out that our favorite cocktails find their genesis in the apothecaries of yesteryear. These purveyors of “Thirst Aid” may have been addressing many other afflictions.

I wish to thank OneSeven Agency and their man behind the lens, Eugene Dela Cruz for coming to the eleventh hour rescue of what would have been a rather lack luster DAVID cover. We also wish to thank the proprietors of Locale Italian Kitchen for allowing us to shoot on their premises and star mixologist Erin Hall for providing the smile that launched a million Gin & Tonics.

In Lights & Sirens, pages 28-31, Lynn Wexler explores her daughter Ariel’s vocation. Some months ago Ariel paid a visit to the DAVID offices. She had just come from work and had not had the time to change from her EMT uniform. Our conversation that that day convinced me of the need to cover the challenging lives of our tireless Las Vegas paramedics. It should not be surprising that we asked a caring mother to take the assignment.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is enhancing technological capabilities and improving our lives in so many unexpected ways. Orthopedic surgeons at University Medical Center are the first in the State to use the OrthoGrid PhantomMSK. This apparatus utilizes an advanced algorithm to analyze real-time x-ray imagery during procedures to promote accurate positioning of hip implants. In his piece AI Offers New Surgical Precision, pages 32-36, Scott Kerbs introduces us to the wonderful world of medical AI. It almost makes us want to have our hips done.

Most young professionals are trained to enter their chosen fields based on status quo. It can be difficult to project trends and developments that will dictate the parameters of future professional practice. In his piece Evolving Medical Practice, pages 42-45, Paul Harasim asks two physicians and a medical student to opine. What is clear from their comments is that medical practice has to respond to the exigent realities of the day.

We had hoped to introduce the Clark County Medical Society to our readers last year, because of scheduling that failed to materialize. We are happy that they made the cut this time round.

We are also happy to feature an interview with Fadi Braiteh MD, a Medical Oncologist at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. We have been aware of his groundbreaking research for some time. Although there is much ink invested in his inspiring career, we feel that it is long overdue for DAVID to add its own accolades.

Stay cool, drink a lot of fluids and as usual I’ll see you in the racks.

Max D. Friedland

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