February 2022

Publisher's Note January - February 2022

I was born in a part of the world that had no snow. As a kid I was hooked on the surf, and we had some of the best. Friends of mine had boats and I remember how proud I was the first time I got up on one ski. Now that I think about it, I spent most of my youth wet, and not only behind the ears.

That changed a lot. At the first opportunity, upon relocating to Europe, I hit the slopes. More accurately, the slopes hit me. Very soon, young Max was getting his groove on, on the piste. Flash forward to life in Southern Nevada, where snow time for my family was a day trip to Mount Charleston and Lee Canyon.

For this month’s issue, I approached outdoor aficionado Stephanie Forté to show us the snow. In her piece, Snow ’scapes, she spotlights three skiing and snowboarding hot spots a day-trip or an overnight away. Vegas, it’s time to get your lift passes.

Stacy D’Alessandro comes on board this month to highlight health and fitness options in 2022. In her piece, At the Gym or at Home, she reviews local fitness clubs and writes about how they have embraced a hybrid approach to training.

Also on that front, Paul Harasim provides us, with the help of professors at the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine, a roadmap for optimum health maintenance. In his piece Wellness Check-Up, he provides a detailed user’s manual for the body and the mind, and what to look out for as we age.

Allied to this study, we are happy to provide content showcasing UMC’s efforts in the field of senior wellbeing. In his piece Quality of Life for Seniors, Scott Kerbs describes the wide range of programs they offer for our elders.

Impacting our elders, and not only them, the loss or thinning of our youthful manes can be depressing. Some embrace it and go full Kojak and others resort to endless interventions. Inspired by his father’s grandpa ponytail, Jaq Greenspon submitted My Hair Piece. Is there something you’re trying to tell us, Jaq?

This month our food writer, Jason Harris, got to sit down with Chef Gina Marinelli of Harlo Steakhouse & Bar and Trattoria La Strega fame. In his tastebud teasing piece, Head Witch in Charge, Marinelli offers our readers a sneak peak into her creative process and the sweat and tears that go into the delights on each plate her diners are served.

Finally, in The Band Plays On, Aleza Freedman interviews Broadway producer Oren Wolf, who brings his 10-time Tony-winning Broadway musical The Band’s Visit to Las Vegas. This show was originally due to play in March 2020 but was cancelled due to the pandemic. The Smith Center and DAVID magazine share this in common, that they both shut down and reopened at the same time.
Sadly, due to temporary supply-chain related circumstances out of our control, we are forced to publish this issue digitally.

As always keep safe, take care of each other. We’ll soon be back in the racks. In the meantime, enjoy this on your devices, wherever you are.

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