Publisher's Note April 2018

Max & Joanne Friedland at the Delaire Graff wine estate near Cape Town, South Africa.

At home, I have an eight-foot long pony wall separating the front door entryway from the living room; its lacquered top serves as the perfect magazine display stand. After DAVID’s first ten issues, I had to start overlapping to make them fit. Other than the current issue, this array provides a brief, three-quarter inch glimpse of previous covers. Very soon, I will run out of real estate and have to come up with a new design concept.

Unexpectedly, this display has become quite the icebreaker with guests as they grab issues to read. This usually results in hours of re-measuring and re-straightening after they leave — as an architect the sense of design is important to me.

This month our editors and writers explore a number of subjects that cover different aspects of the design process. Initially, we believed this issue would focus exclusively on the arts and architecture, but soon we realized that design permeates every sphere of existence.

When the organizers of the Emerge Impact + Music festival reached out to us to cover a gay, orthodox, African-American hip-hop sensation, we wanted to know more. In Lynn Wexler’s story Y-Love (pages 28-31) we interview the man and explore his faith, sexuality, and music. Rehan Choudry, the festival’s director, discusses the inspiration behind the creation of this new annual event.

Designing a program that offers support to the Las Vegas homeless population is the subject of Corridor of Hope (pages 32-35). Joshua Ellis writes from his personal experience as an organizer of this noble enterprise.

In his piece, Vincent van Dough (pages 36-40), Jason Harris talks to Vincent Rotolo, the owner of Good Pie, the new slice house at Pawn Plaza. Discover the influence Rotolo’s grandmothers’ cooking had on him and look for her photo (among other grandmothers) on the restaurant’s walls.

This year’s Oscars may already be yesterday’s news, what isn’t, however, is the outstanding creativity of this year’s creative designers and the nominated movies they are responsible for. In Pictures in a Frame (pages 42-45), Josh Bell shines a well-deserved light on their work.

Ever go out for dinner and marvel at the splendor of the dining room? Designing a successful concept for a bar or a restaurant is more than what is on the plate or in the glass. In Fine Dining Design (pages 46-51), Marisa Finetti celebrates those responsible for creating the perfect dining environment.

It is all over the news, in the papers and on neighborhood websites; house invasions are on the rise. How much of this is hype and how much is fact? Either way, it may be time to consider the viability of your home security systems. In Protecting the Nest (pages 52-56) Brian Sodoma explores this subject by talking to the experts. In these confusing times, there is nothing quite like feeling safe and secure at home.

Finally, we interview Mark Hutchison, Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. He is one of a rare breed, a third generation Nevadan. No matter your political affiliation, his dedication to service is admirable. We will miss him when he retires from public office at the end of his current term.

Seasons change, but one thing never will – each new month continues to bring a new DAVID, so see you in the racks.

Max D. Friedland

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