From the Publisher September 2017

Max & Joanne Friedland

Being raised in a distant corner of the British Empire, I felt particularly warmed by Jael Silliman’s

reflections on Jewish life in another one of its former outposts. Kolkata (formally Calcutta) is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal and sits on the banks of the Hooghly River, which is itself a tributary of the Ganges. The Kolkata Victoria Memorial that graces our cover this month is reminiscent of the many relics of that imperial age to be found in the South Africa of my youth.

Her piece, which we renamed Baghdad on the Ganges is republished in DAVID this month. The fusion of culinary influences that she describes leaves this publisher wistfully remembering the feast for the senses that visits to the Indian markets of Cape Town and Durban provided.

In Girl Power, Aleza Freeman explores the pressures many young girls experience,

especially in this digital age. Thankfully we have a group of caring women who in their unique ways, reach out to this demographic.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were running late for a dinner date with another couple at a popular restaurant in Summerlin. Once in the car, we called to apologize and give them an expected time of arrival. This estimate proved to be way off, as the once quiet strip mall was buzzing with activity and excitement. Hurrying from our distant parking spot, we noticed the line of people snaking through the development to the entrance to a marijuana dispensary. We had chosen day one of legal pot in Nevada to go out for dinner. Since then, there has been much coverage of the subject, and this month we add our two cents, with a focus however on Judaism and the green substance. In his piece Holy High Days, Jaq Greenspon gets deep into the Mishneh Torah (code of Jewish religious law) and talks to a few rabbis. Who knew that pot was kosher! It must be noted that the rabbis took great pains to admonish us that although Kosher Kush is technically kosher, they do not condone the use thereof.

As we are on the subject of kashrut, allow us to introduce you to two nice Jewish boys from Mexico City, Moy Guindi, and Danny Schneeweiss. They are the founders of the company that makes Milagro tequila, which is distilled under kosher supervision. I know what I am taking to the rabbi’s house next time I am invited over for Friday night dinner.

Two other nice Jewish boys that we are proud to feature this month are Eric Cohen and Doug Eisner, they are the principals of the Calida Group. Eric and Doug inspire us with their vision of corporate philanthropy.

This month our special Vegas Volunteers section provides organizations and non-profits an opportunity to celebrate their volunteers. These are the angels who make the wheels turn, bravo to all of them.

L’shana Tova U’metuka: May you all have a good and sweet new year; as always, I’ll see you in the racks.

Max D. Friedland

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