From the Publisher May 2017

In May 2010 we published the premier issue of DAVID, the one with Albert Einstein on the cover. Israeli artist Hanoch Pivin had generously allowed us to feature one of his artworks and even consented to having his Albert wear one of our “Hello My Name is DAVID” stickers on his lapel. Seven years later we are preparing our 85th issue for press.

A monthly magazine’s production cycle can be brutal, forcing us publishers to adopt an unsentimental demeanor. No matter how much blood, sweat, and tears we invest in an individual publication, we have to send it out for distribution. Our readers get the new issue and we climb back on the treadmill.

Each May, DAVID focuses on women. We celebrate individuals and organizations that are blazing trails and challenging the status quo. This May, we shine a light on two Nevadans, who having accepted the mantle of leadership and are showing us the path ahead. Third-generation Las Vegan Marla Letizia has literally grown up with our city. She recently accepted the board chair of Jewish Nevada. Her vision for a 21st century Jewish community is inspiring. Four-term Nevada Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel is a small business owner and acclaimed culinary doyenne. She, too, is charting a course for our community in these challenging times. Plus, I have it on good authority that her bubka is legendary.

Gal Gadot features in two of our stories. If you Google “young Israeli women in the military” and search images, there she is, not in an army uniform but as the iconic character Wonder Woman. This entry does double duty, both selling the heroism of her screen character and that of the young girls in green. She captures our imagination, this mother of two; she represents all fighting women, especially heroic mothers.

On the other side of the age spectrum, we celebrate two remarkable young Las Vegas women. Rachel Herskovitz is a crime reporter for the Las Vegas Review Journal. It is not easy for an individual who reports public events to open up about their own inner world. She elegantly shares her personal spiritual journey with us, proving that the distance between personal and universal is not that great. Elena Gladstone-Dodd is just setting out on her own journey. My wife and I celebrated with her and her family as she became a Bat Mitzvah this last Saturday. We report on the unique meal served at the luncheon that followed.

For the 85th time I have the privilege of signing off, if I don’t see you this month, I’ll see you in the racks. Thanks for your continued support.

Max D. Friedland

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