From the Publisher February 2017

Max & Joanne Friedland

The ancients celebrated the first two months of the year with magnificent rituals acknowledging “inception.” January is named after the Latin word for door (ianua) and February is named similarly for purification (februum). We enter the door of the New Year in January and purifying ourselves in February.

February is Eros’s month as he invites us into the purifying fires of LOVE. The age-old ritual repeats itself year after year, the bowman raises his bow, tugging firmly at the bowstring he aims, then launches his projectile. His smitten quarry responds in a compliant rededication to love.

This frenzied emotional outpouring comes at a much-needed time, as the anger and divisiveness of the November elections still painfully remains. (A quick editorial note; Loving does not always imply agreement nor does it require compliance.)

This month we go behind closed doors and explore the secret lives of the ultra-orthodox. We all respond to the same urges, who knew? In our piece Sacred Sex pages 26-29 we respectfully explore this hidden world. I guess the expression “You can’t judge a book by its cover” is relevant here.

Shared experiences are vital to the development and maintenance of healthy relationships. We offer a variety of perspectives and options. In her piece They Polished the Glassware pages 32-35 Marisa Finetti invites the reader along with her and Kirk Peterson as they enjoy a gourmet meal in total darkness. Sharing the challenge of such an experience with a loved one must rank up there, sign me up the next time that Twist by Pierre Gagnaire at the Mandarin Oriental holds such an evening.

Timm Metivier was a man on a mission; he wanted to get people out of their devices and back to face-to-face social interaction. His solution to this growing problem came in the form of a café, to be precise Meepleville Board Game Café. In his story Games People Play pages 42-45 Jaq Greenspon interviews Metivier who shines a light on the wonderful world of boardgamers.

Sometimes a couple’s ultimate date is their wedding reception. Often the highlight of the day or night is the moment they take the floor for their first dance. In our piece The Perfect Wedding Song pages 52-56 we ask a few locals for their cautionary tales and advice. We will be posting a play list of beloved wedding songs on our website

Finally a few words about our cover, we need to thank the following individuals for their creativity and generous spirits. Michelle Rothstein and Chris Cope of Balloons With a Twist for investing their time, resources and creative energy, photographer extraordinaire Tonya Harvey who has grown up with us in the publishing world, make up artist a new friend of DAVID Magazine Ish Bermudez, Jr and last but not least, super patient model and lady of the teapot handbag, Keriann Parkes.

Eros be pleased, I sign off with love and gratitude, see you in the racks.

Max D. Friedland

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