From the Publisher August 2017

Max & Joanne Friedland

Welcome to our annual VEGASMD edition of DAVID Magazine. Last year’s inaugural edition garnered such terrific response that we thought we might do it again this year with a few tweaks

Dr. Godwin Maduka of the Las Vegas Pain Institute & Medical Centers features on our cover. Robert Kachelriess spent a few hours with the good doctor and commented to me that he could have spent considerably longer. In his piece, Godwin Maduka M.D., PharmD., pages 24-27 we learn of the incredible life story that took Maduka from relative poverty in a rural Nigerian village to Harvard Medical School and the Las Vegas operation he now heads. His father before him used tribal medicine and herbs in his healing work, the son today is at the cutting edge of his field, all of this in thirty-five years, very impressive!

Dr. Tim Tollestrup is one of only four surgeons in the country who does peripheral nerve surgery. Very rarely can both a husband and a wife find the need for his services. In our piece, Robert & Julie’s Journey, pages 28-31 we tell the story of Robert and Julie Jackson and how Dr. Tollestrup helped them win back their quality of life.

The University Medical Center of Southern Nevada has launched a public information and training campaign. Scott Kerbs’ piece, UMC Provides Life-Saving Education with ‘Stop the Bleed’ Campaign, pages 32-35 provides readers with valuable information and a route to gaining the expertise necessary in the case of a bloody accident. It never hurts to be prepared, just ask the Boy Scouts.

The headline for an August medical pub, this year, has to be the opening (at last) of the UNLV School of Medicine. We wanted to interview members of its first class. Due to all the craziness of launch day, this was not to be; maybe we will catch up with them later. We were, however, granted access to their state of art Virtual Anatomy Lab. I guess it is no surprise that in a city that boasts its share of virtual strip attractions, now boast an anatomy lab that rivals anything found in the sick bay on the Starship Enterprise. We at DAVID wish all concerned a heartfelt mazal tov (congratulations.)

Rabbi Yocheved Mintz left the US for a month in Israel shaking like a leaf; she returned as steady as a rock. In our piece Curing the Shakes, pages 52-56 we cover this remarkable development and credit those Israeli physicians at The Rambam Medical Center in Haifa responsible. We also talk to Dr. Zoltan Mari, Mintz’s treating physician in Las Vegas, the Section Head of the Nevada Movement Disorders Program and Lee Pascal Parkinson’s Disease Scholar at Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.

Finally this month we talk to Dr. Geoffrey Sher, a pioneering infertility specialist who has, over his three decades plus of practice helped many thousands of couples realize their dreams of a family. He is about to retire, removing his strong shadow from the field. He muses about the years and most remarkably talks disappointedly about those individuals that he could not help. We wish him well and offer to lend him a fishing rod.

Keep in the shade, drink a lot of water and as always see you in the racks.

Max D. Friedland

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