Matt Goss

A Glamorous Night Out with a Down to Earth British Singing Sensation

By Lynn Wexler

Matt Goss is as accessible on stage as he is in person. A velvet voice and English accent serve to underscore the charm and affability of this British born crooner, musician, and songwriter. Goss, 49, returns to the Las Vegas Strip – following a six year stint at Caesar’s Cleopatra’s Barge which ended last year - for an extended engagement at the Mirage’s intimate venue, 1 Oak Nightclub. Starting in 1988 as lead singer of the band BROS. he was the youngest artist to sell out the world-famous Wembley Stadium in London. He’s performed for Her Majesty the Queen – twice and even had lunch with Princess Diana. He’s sold over 17 million records worldwide and hit No. 1 on the charts in 22 countries. Goss has taken center stage at world-class venues such as Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden, The Royal Albert Hall in London, and The London Palladium. In his original song “Lovely Las Vegas,” he pays tribute to his love for Las Vegas audiences. His show – which has drawn comparisons to the Rat Pack – includes a multi-piece band, sultry backup singers, and the Dirty Virgins dance troupe. Numerous accolades have proclaimed him The New King of Vegas.

How does it feel to be back in Las Vegas?

I have a deep love for the people who live and visit here. I’ve been entertaining audiences all over the world since I’ve been 17, and I’m blessed to have had decades of incredible career highs. But I can honestly say I have never felt more proud and excited to be headlining in Las Vegas. Vegas audiences go all out. They want to have a good time and spare nothing to have fun and express their appreciation. And working with the Mirage and MGM has been so refreshing as an artist. It’s much more than a business relationship. I’m working in a family atmosphere. I truly could not ask for more support and love. It’s been a great joy. Playing here hits a sweet spot for me!

What’s the show like?

It’s an inclusive environment and appeals to all ages. The show is glamorous, and the room is beautiful. I’m a bit cheeky. I make people laugh. I’m appropriately sexy. I bring the audience into my world, which at times is reminiscent of the Rat Pack but much more. I incorporate Swing and Motown, mixed in with original music. I talk about myself, my ups and downs. I make the audience feel good about themselves through my own reflection. Everyone leaves saying that it’s the best show they’ve ever been to.

You bring truth and vulnerability to the stage. What is your motivation?

I think it was the way I was raised. My mother was a queen and she taught me to be a king, a man of my word…where my handshake counted. I learned to love from such a deep place. It was very difficult when she passed away. My music, my performance, reflects that. It’s meant to stir emotions from within, lifting spirits beyond dreams and into reality, where they can come true. I want people to come to the show prepared to listen to music arranged with absolute care and integrity. For me, music – writing and singing it – is truth.

Explain your love of glamour.

I love fashion. I could have been a fashion designer. Dressing up makes you feel good. For a moment in time it takes you out of the mundane…away from the worries, the bills. You cannot over dress for my show. I will not allow glamour to leave the building. I jokingly called out a guy for wearing flip flops! Whatever your fabulous is, whatever that looks like…bring it to the show!

Who is your audience?

Everyone who wants to enjoy a night out and feel good for the efforts they put into dressing-up and the money they spent. I respect my audience and they feel that. The other night, sitting next to each other, was a 70 year-old-man wearing a pinky ring and a group of 21-year-olds dressed to the nines like Rat Packers, celebrating a 21st birthday. They became fast friends during the show. That’s what I aim for. I connect to my audience and they connect to me and each other. I provide escapism at its finest.

Tickets to see Matt Goss start at $49.99, plus service charges, and are available at The Mirage Box Office, online at or, or by calling (800) 963-9634 or (702) 792-7777 for shows beginning mid-January throughout 2018. All shows are at 7:30 p.m. in the 1 Oak Nightclub.

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