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Together, We Can Change the World One Drop at a Time

Ten years ago, in 2007, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté created One Drop, a global philanthropy that would change millions of lives by providing sustainable access to safe water. Five years ago, he dreamt of an event that would benefit those efforts—an event that has now raised more than $24 million to save lives in more than 10 countries on three continents. Dubbed One Night for One Drop, this annual one-night-only event has become one of the most celebrated and beloved philanthropic endeavors in Las Vegas, with all proceeds benefiting the nearly 700 million people who suffer from lack of safe water access today. Through an ongoing partnership with the Springs Preserve, One Drop also benefits the community of Las Vegas, where water conservation and awareness are more important than ever.

On March 3, the One Drop team will come together once again to present the fifth edition of this one-night-only spectacular. We sat down with Director of Creation Krista Monson, who is working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to help bring this year’s vision to life.

DAVID: What inspired you to get involved with this project back in 2013?

MONSON: When I was asked if I would be interested in writing and directing the first-ever One Night for One Drop, I had a pit in my stomach. However, I knew being part of the inaugural event and bringing this show to life would be an awesome responsibility. I also knew the cause was so important to the world, to me and to Guy Laliberté, who dreamt of launching [an event which will last for] many years to come. At first, I struggled with the immense expectations, but once I said “yes,” I dove into a dream world of creation that became highly inspiring. I collaborated with so many outstanding performing artists, designers and composers within the company to bring this amazing production to the stage.

DAVID: How does your new role as “Director of Creation” differ from your previous role?

MONSON: It differs quite a bit, actually. 
My role this year is to support the vision of our new writers by connecting the dots between the many moving parts including logistics, design, technical elements, etc. This allows them to focus on bringing their artistic vision to life.

DAVID: Who are the new writers/directors this year, and what is their vision?

MONSON: This year, we have husband-and-wife team Nicky and Laetitia Dewhurst. They have conceived a fantastic vision that will showcase the powerful and raw talents of human performance. It is truly awe-inspiring to see what is happening in rehearsals!

DAVID: Each year offers a completely original, one-night-only performance. What is the main concept for this year’s show and how is it unique?

MONSON: Nicky and Laetitia have “taken the helicopter higher” with their unique concept, looking at Earth as a whole including water, which is of course a critical part of our planet. They were inspired by the phrase “We are the first generation to see the effects of climate change, and the last generation to do something about it.” What audience members will see onstage brings to light this idea in a highly entertaining and meaningful way. The concept builds on the idea that time is running out for humanity to right its wrongs, and we see this through the journey of one man—an old circus ringmaster. He is given the chance to go back in time to witness his younger self in a vintage circus. Once back in time, the audience will see a show that is both theatrical and comedic, with daring circus acts that propel the story. It is very exciting!

DAVID: What can guests expect from the event overall?

MONSON: What Nicky and Laetitia have managed to do so well is creating a show where people will laugh, be entertained and absolutely wowed, while still focusing on the important message and this cause. This year, the show will be presented at the Zumanity Theatre, which is a beautiful venue with an intimate setting. The theater itself will be completely transformed for this one night to immerse the audience within this story. There will also be an exclusive after-party for VIP guests, which will be stunning.

DAVID: Why is water such an important cause, and how can guests get involved?

MONSON: While we don’t need to walk miles a day just to get water for our daily needs, this is the sad reality for millions of people. One Night for One Drop reminds us that this issue is urgent as men, women and children lose their lives everyday due to lack of safe water. Anyone can help by attending the performance on March 3 (tickets available at, sharing this message with others and donating at

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