May 2019

Devour May/June 2019

Roasted Salmon @ Shark

Influenced by ingredients from South America, Mexico, and the Mediterranean, Chef Bobby Flay’s newly opened Shark features shareable signature sushi and ceviche, tacos wrapped in house-made purple corn tortillas, and impressive mains. As chilis are at the core of Flay’s culinary philosophy, he highlights multiple varieties – most prominently, panca, rocoto, and aji amarillo – in dishes such as Tuna Tartare with crispy green rice and Peruvian chili sauce, and Cured Salmon & Egg Tostada with rocoto hot sauce and black bean “butter.” One of Shark’s signature dishes is the roasted salmon, voluptuously wrapped in a banana leaf and served with a yellow chili ponzu sauce dressing. The salmon’s velvety texture is punctuated with the lively and melodic crunch of the bell pepper and mango salsa for a flavor infusion and is a delicious sharable starter.

Shark, Palms, 4321 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas. 702-942-7777.

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