January 2019

Devour January/February 2019

Magical Soup Dumplings

Hailing from Shanghai, these soup-filled dumplings have become an obsession and are among the most amazing culinary creations one can experience. The house’s modern twist is the addition of carrot juice, which turns the dumpling’s flour wrapper red. Inside, find a sublimely balanced Shanghainese style hot & sour soup, offering powerful flavor, heat, spice and, ultimately, happiness.

Eating these the proper way is part of the overall experience. Prevent burns or leaks by placing the dumpling on the provided porcelain soup spoon. A small bite off the top opens the pouch, allowing you to slurp the broth. Next, using chopsticks, dip the dumpling into vinegar, which is prepared with fresh ginger root. Compliment your meal with one of the many teas available.

Mott 32, Palazzo Las Vegas, 3325 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas. 702-607-3232.

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