January 2022

Devour January-February 2022

Valencian Gold

The smartest thing Chef Jeffrey Weiss has done with his Spanish restaurant, Valencian Gold, is pivot. Before the pandemic, it was a fast casual paella grab-and-go joint. It was a fun idea, but told little of Weiss’s story. The chef has cooked with Spanish masters, including José Andrés and Dani García. He wrote a book on Spanish-style charcuterie. Now, that knowledge and passion are on display in the rebooted Valencian Gold, a major addition to the Spanish dining scene in Las Vegas. Weiss mixes classic with funky, traditional with eclectic, tried-and-true with ultra-modern. One can partake in a by-the-book Paella Valenciana on the one hand, or just as easily indulge in foie gras rice crispy treats.

Valencian Gold, 7960 S. Rainbow Blvd., Suite 8000A, Las Vegas. 702-776-7707. valenciangold.com

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