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Green Friends



The Sill offers a wide variety of live houseplants, pots and accessories, preserved plants for those without a green thumb, and even monthly subscription packages to keep your home fresh and verdant. The well-curated online store allows one to browse based on need, whether it be pet-friendly plants, easy-to-care varieties, air purifiers, or large statement makers. The Sill’s approachable design, helpful care instructions and tips, and gorgeous photography makes shopping for houseplants a joy. Pictured here are options from their pet-friendly plant subscription which includes a non-toxic plant and a chic ceramic pot every month for $65. thesill.com




Bloomscape makes shopping for a houseplant a fun and playful experience. They provide gorgeous illustrations and photography, informative videos on plant backgrounds and care instructions, and an entire section of their website is dedicated to learning more about horticulture. The founders come from five consecutive generations of greenhouse growers and floral industry innovators. With Bloomscape, plants are cared for by experts and maintained in optimal conditions in their custom greenhouses until they are ready to be shipped directly to your home. Pictured here is the air-purifying Peperomia Watermelon plant, available for $49 including a choice of 5 different colors of recycled eco-pots. bloomscape.com




Founded by a husband and wife team, Greenery NYC is devoted to elevating indoor environments, both home and workspaces, with the use of biophilic design. They are committed to providing their employees a living wage and giving back to their community with donations of plants and materials to various local organizations, schools and nursing homes. They ship their mix-and-match houseplants and artistic planters throughout the country and also have additional services provided such as lush living “green walls” and corporate design plans for office plants. Pictured here is a gorgeous Victoria Birdsnest Fern in a terracotta self-watering pot available for $95. greenerynyc.com




Horti’s subscription service and curated kits are thoughtfully designed to build confidence in plant care allowing consumers can grow alongside their own collection of lush, hardy houseplants suited for a wide range of environments. Options include month-to-month from $20, a 6-month story from $120, or a 12-month journey from $240. Subscribers will receive new varieties each month while learning incrementally about repotting, propagating and grooming houseplants. Pictured here is an assortment of plants likely to be included in the 12-month journey, a fun option for plant enthusiasts who desire to turn their bare home into a lush jungle. heyhorti.com



Founded in Holland in 1818, Breck’s is the largest Dutch bulb importer in the United States. The company has a prodigious variety of bulbs and perennials shipped stateside available for home gardening enthusiasts. Approximately two decades ago, Breck’s expanded their business to incorporate a lush houseplant selection that rotates seasonally. Customers can optimize their plant search based on exposure to the sun, bloom time, size and color. Pictured here is an eye catching option that is currently in season and available for $29, the Petra Croton with bold, variegated foliage. Not only is this plant beautiful, but it is resilient and easy for beginners who are still developing their green thumb. brecks.com




The Bouqs Company offers fresh, quality plants and flowers sourced straight from the sustainable farms they are partnered with. They specialize in farm fresh flower arrangements but also have a wide range of indoor plants available in their “plant family.” This farm-direct transparent sourcing means saying goodbye to the middlemen and yes to longer lasting, healthier flowers and plants. Pictured here is the “Fiddle me this,” a tall and oh-so-trendy fiddle-leaf ficus in an elegant rose gold pot, available for $94. bouqs.com




Terrain is a one-stop shop for all things nature with a beautiful selection of houseplants. Each of their plants is delivered in a stylish container, ready to display and enjoy immediately. Enjoy a selection of classic houseplants, indoor trees, topiaries, succulents, hanging baskets, and air plants. Each plant comes with detailed care instructions and a replacement guarantee in the unlikely scenario your new friend arrives damaged. Pictured here is the gorgeously colored Tradescantia Tricolor, a fast growing and easy to care for focal point for the home available for $72. shopterrain.com



Lula’s Garden was born out of love for succulents, with hand-picked plants that come from family-owned nurseries. They partner with water.org, an organization dedicated to improving lives around the world by providing access to safe water. Each garden sold provides six months of safe water for one person in the developing world. Their eco-friendly succulent gardens come in self-sustaining boxes that double as planters. These gardens are ideal gifts and can be customized with notes or corporate logos. Pictured here is one of Lula’s premium assortments, the Urban Garden, available for $95. This assortment is a stunning centerpiece for any room, complete with seven freshly planted succulents of many hues. lulasgarden.com


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