February 2022

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Exploring the Great Outdoors

Do you wish to enjoy the wonders of a campfire with loved ones without worrying about the mess, dwindling flames, and dangerous, flying embers? Radiate Portable Campfires can do just that. These campfires are compact and easy to pack, user-friendly, and reusable. Made from recycled soy wax and paper briquettes, Radiate Campfires have no smoky smell or embers and can burn for up to five hours. Campfires start at $27.99 with added discounts for bulk ordering. http://radiateportablecampfire.com

Staying hydrated on a long outdoor adventure is as crucial as it is challenging. Before LifeStraw, campers had to either tote around liters of water along with all of their wilderness supplies or rely on boiling natural, untreated water found along the way. LifeStraw changes all that. LifeStraw is the ultimate hydration survival tool, protecting against bacteria, microplastics, dirt, sand, and cloudiness. Inside is a replaceable filter, which can treat up to 1,000 gallons, enough drinking water to last an individual for over five years. http://lifestraw.com

Known as the “swiss army knife of camping gear,” the VSSL Camp Supplies Kit looks, at first glance, like any ordinary flashlight. But when the top cylinder of the VSSL flashlight screws off to reveal several screw top cylinders stacked inside, you begin to understand the difference. These compartments include a total of 72 camping essentials in one compact piece of equipment, which weighs less than a pound. With fishing gear, fire starters, water purification tablets, wire saws, marine grade rope, and oodles of other survival essentials, even Bear Grylls would be proud. http://vsslgear.com

The original Luminoodle is a waterproof and flexible ambient light system that will keep nighttime activities going whether you are out camping, on the beach, or enjoying some fresh air in your backyard. This lighting system has multiple hanging options including ties, utility loops, and heavy-duty magnets. Hang it around the inside of your tent, magnet it to the side of your camper, or stuff it in the nylon stow pouch to make a handy, diffused lantern. http://powerpractical.com

The Thermacell Portable Mosquito Repellent effectively repels mosquitoes by creating a 15-foot protection zone. This lightweight device can be taken anywhere outdoors to protect hikers and campers from itchy welts and sleepless nights in their tent. With no spray or mess, this system is entirely DEET- and scent-free. The Thermacell Repellent is ideal for use while camping, fishing, gardening, or even enjoying some fresh air around the backyard. http://thermacell.com


The One Bag by The North Face is appropriately named because it is the only sleeping bag serious campers will ever need. This bag has multiple layers and configurations depending on weather conditions. Use the insulated blue cover for temperatures around 40 degrees, the yellow layer for temperatures around 20 degrees, or both for more adverse weather around 5 degrees. The down layer can be used as a stand-alone quilt for camp-side lounging, while the compression sack is fleece lined and can be converted into a pillow. http://thenorthface.com

Gone are the days of campers sustaining themselves with protein bars and dry granola. Thanks to the GSI Outdoors Destination Kitchen Set, a campsite can function almost as well as a kitchen does. This set contains everything a group of four would need for a post-hike feast: 16 utensils, a collapsible whisk, a pivot spoon, a pivot spatula, waterproof spice shakers, condiment containers, a cutting board, utility knives, a scrubber and more. All of these items are stored in a ballistic nylon case and the whole kit weighs less than two pounds. http://gsioutdoors.com


Whether you’re camping, glamping, or picnicking in the park, you deserve bar-quality cocktails. The Jillmo Bartender Travel Kit includes an 11-piece, stainless steel tool set, three padded slots for liquor bottles, and additional pockets for syrups, garnishes, and a cutting board. This travel bar is insulated and padded on all outer walls, so your “party in a bag” is well protected. http://jillmobrand.com


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