January 2017

Behind the Scenes

Chris Cope of Balloons with a Twist Works His Magic on This Month’s Cover

By Jaq Greenspon

On a rainy Sunday afternoon in late January, the DAVID offices were transformed into a makeshift dressmaking factory and photo studio. Balloon sculptor/dress designer Chris Cope of Balloons with a Twist had, the day before, spent 11 hours transforming thousands of pieces of white latex into the gorgeous wedding gown that graces our cover this month.

Chris arrived early with his creation, which he had built on a dress form. After managing the final details on site, he literally had to twist the gown into shape on our “bride,” Keriann Parkes, ensuring a tailored fit designed to endure even the wildest party.

Makeup artist Ish Bermudez’s painstaking artistry had to be touched up over and over again while photographer Tonya Harvey adjusted the lights and backdrop. Here, Keriann even has an inflated bouqet and garter– just imagine the anticipation as they float out above the heads of the hopeful single ladies.

Of course, there are many things you have to take into account when you get a wedding dress made completely out of balloons: for one thing, instead of sucking in, you have to exhale… a lot (but just to get the “fabric” properly inflated). For another, when you hear a “pop” you have to hope it’s another bottle of champagne and not a part of your outfit giving way. You also have to deal with the inevitable jokes about “wishing I had a pin handy” but in the end, it’s all worth it. You’ll have a dress people will talk about long after the party’s over.







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