August 2019

Access to Infertility Treatment by Way of Online, Tele-Medicine

When Dr. Geoffrey Sher, an internationally recognized pioneer in the field of infertility and in vitro fertilization (IVF) who has been influential in the births of >18,000 IVF babies, decided to retire in April, 2019, he found himself facing a serious dilemma. The thought of abandoning his passion for helping couples go from “infertility to family” was too painful to contemplate. How could he continue to provide help to the large and ever increasing numbers of national and international patients with complex reproductive problems who sought access to him, while at the same time remain productive and relevant in the field of medicine that had been his career for more than 35 years? This was when the ever-entrepreneurial Dr. Sher came up with a unique concept: He decided to create an online tele-medicine service that uses Skype to provide his patients with personalized, one-on one, face-to-face consultations, while still allowing him to maintain his relevance in the field of in vitro fertilization. Thus, was established Sher Fertility Solutions (SFS).

Patients start the process by reaching out to Dr. Sher through a variety of methods: The most straight forward is by going to the SFS website, www.sherIVF.com. You can also find him on Facebook (/DrGeoffreySher/), via email (concierge@sherIVF.com) or by calling his assistant, Patti Converse, directly at 702-533-2691. Once in contact, Patti will immediately forward a detailed questionnaire to the patient, which can be printed or completed online at the SFS-website, and ask that available medical records be forwarded to SFS. Upon receipt of these items, Dr. Sher will thoroughly review the information in preparation for a scheduled one (1) hour Skype consultation. Following this, he generates and forwards a detailed report, along with specific recommendations for treatment, to the patients and their treating physicians. All parties are provided with Dr Sher’s personal phone number and are invited to call him with questions or issues at no additional cost.

The Sher Fertility Solutions practice is one of a kind. It focuses entirely upon providing online, tele-medical services, which is undoubtedly the direction that the field of medicine must take in order to provide greater access, with enhanced efficiency, for lower cost medical services.

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